What we do

At Freedog Solutions, we do everything from the simple fix to the complete overhaul of your existing network. We can work with you to design, procure and configure your network from the ground up. Our favorite customers are the small and medium sized businesses that are trying to figure out the most cost effective way to utilize their IT resources.

Services and Solutions

  • Storage and management - It is one thing to toss on an extra drive, and completely another to optimize your storage for access, speed and security.
  • Business Intelligence - Now that you have all that data, what do you do with it? With BI solutions you can find the answers to greater income and ROI.
  • Backup & Disaster recovery - With valuable data and files at risk, you need a complete daily backup plan and you need to know how to restore your backup data in the event of a disaster.
  • Content management - Organize, secure and share your data with people inside as well as outside the company. CMS solutions provide a content-centric view of your data and knowledge.
  • Design and architecture - It is important to have a written map of your network so that you know where you are and where you can go. A well planned network scales up or down as needed and never limits the business process.
  • Wired and wireless configurations - We will assure that your office is wired to the highest standards and your wireless is optimized by performing a thorough site survey.
  • Main office to branch office solutions - Connecting your LAN at a main office to your LAN at your branch office is accomplished via many avenues. We explore all options and provide a "best practices" plan to connect the dots.
  • Infrastructure - DNS, WINS, DHCP, Authentication - These services are always given the least attention, but we prioritize these same services as they are the backbone to proper network communications.
  • Server administration - We configure and fine tune each server for its intended role. There is simply no excuses for building a one-size-fits-all server that is fine at most tasks, but excels at none.
  • Active Directory / Group Policy - Authentication, Security and control are all gained by implementing an AD environment.
  • File and Print services - We make sure that every computer in the network has storage and that the print services are configured for maximum use of printer resources.
  • Client Management and configuration - Need answers on how to cut down on deployment time? We have answers. With Microsoft's Intellimirror technology and a few other favored tools, we can show you how to deploy computers in minutes, not hours.
  • Exchange / MSSQL / Sharepoint - We configure and administer Exchange Servers, SQL servers and web servers.
  • Server Administration - From custom kernels to dependency resolution, we have paid our dues and are confident that we can administer any Linux server. Managing a server out of the box is one thing, but customizing the server to its hardware and role are our specialty.
  • Web Server configuration - We configure Apache, PHP and MySQL so that you have a balanced application stack. One of our best skills is optimizing these different software applications to work together in a high traffic environment.
  • Email configuration - An important and complex function of a server. On Linux servers, configuring email servers is no easier than Exchange on a Windows server, but the amount of tools available for anti-virus and anti-spam are tremendous.
  • Seamless integration with Windows networks - SAMBA servers are fast, highly available, scaleable, and cost effective ways to add storage onto your network. A modern SAMBA server will work seamlessly within a Windows Active Directory network, or can act as the Domain Controller.
  • Retail Point of Sale - We specialize in every aspect of implementing a point of sale system into your retail store. We have worked with several major software vendors and can recommend the best solution for your business.
  • Biometric Time Reporting solutions - Time and attendance at a whole new level. We can save you payroll dollars and administrative time by implementing a complete time clock system. This is one of the best investments in terms of rapid ROI that you can make.
  • Financial and Professional Office - Regulatory compliance and collaboration are important in financial and professional offices. We use the extent of our knowledge in Windows and Linux to configure a highly efficient solutions for your business.
  • Functional solutions - Customer Relationships, Human Resources and accounting solutions are another sure-fire way to add value to your bottom line.
  • Firewalls/UTM/Border protection - This is really an extension of good network planning and architecture. Implementing a solid firewall is necessary to protect what is important within. Unified Threat Management (UTM) is becoming more necessary in order to add an additional layer of virus and spam protection to your network at the border.
  • Virus/spyware/adware protection - Anyone running computers with no virus protection runs the risk of infecting their computers and everyone else's on the network. We can help you implement a simple system or a corporate-wide installation.
  • Video Surveillance - Add video and DVR recording to your security plan and you have a complete handle on your site's physical security. Most of our solutions offer the ability to view what is happening at your business from off-site via the web.

Information About

  • Virus Disinfection

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  • Disaster Recovery

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  • Spam Management

    Unfortunately there is no single method of spam control that works in all situations. If you are serious about reducing the amount of spam into your inbox, you will have to take several steps to immunize yourself, including some behavioral changes... MORE