Rates and Fees

Hourly Rates
On-Site $90/hr
After-hours and weekend support $125/hr
Phone Support/Tech Support $60/hr
Remote Support (VNC, Remote Desktop, etc.) $60/hr
Website Design & Programming $75/hr
Database Design & Programming $75/hr
Vendor Research $25/hr
Disaster Recovery (for solutions not implemented by us) $199 + $125/hr
Disaster Recovery (solution implemented by us) $125/hr
Virus Disinfection $250 per computer
Terms and Conditions

1. Payment is expected at time services are rendered. You may apply for an account, and upon approval, you will be billed semi-monthly on NET 15 terms. At this time we accept checks, cash and PayPal payments. Sorry, no credit cards accepted.

2. Start and stop times for hourly billing are logged as the moment that we arrive and begin work to the moment that we conclude and leave the site. All times will be rounded to the nearest quarter hour. Any breaks taken will be deducted from the total time. Travel between locations will be charged the standard hourly fee. We do not charge for travel time to and from your locations, but we do have a 50 mile radius max travel distance. Any jobs requiring travel to locations outside of that 50 mile radius will be charged the current federal mileage reimbursement rate for all miles traveled.

3. For clients with regulatory compliance requirements, we will gladly sign non-disclosure agreements and non-compete agreements. Please contact us for a complete list of all our terms and conditions.